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August 25, 2006
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Title: Touch
Rating: T
Author: TrilleDiabolo
Warning(s): Shounen-ai, intergalactic love
Summary: A story inspired by my ZaDr fanart “ZaDr - shoujo style”. Zim doesn’t know about human affections and how intimate a touch can be. Dib decides to show him. Story for ~Yakushi


Hands. Sensations. Nerves connecting to a central core. Sending pleasurably messages to one’s body.

Lips, soft, wet, chapped, burned, swollen. Delicious sweet lingering feelings that make one dizzy.

Warmth, a momentum of heat radiant heat from another’s body. Waves of  comfort.

Emotions, in every color shape and size.

Touches, the very feeling of intimacy and love.

Zim does not understand these…human things. Like the touching. What meaning does touching someone else have? Do touches not usually lead to pain and bleeding?

Blinking large red eyes at the TV he couldn’t help but feel slightly perturbed by this. What was it like. To be touched and yet not scream out in agony or fear. He growled at his ‘weak icky thoughts’ as he called them. Lately it had been all he was thinking about. That and the stupid worm baby. His felt his cheeks heat up. Poking them, why did that happen whenever he thought about the taller boy. Zim himself had grown up. 16 in Earth years and Dib was also this age.

Yet he had enlarged. Long athletic legs, strong arms, lithe figure made for speed and stealth. Something Zim sometimes giggled about. The boy was a perfect build for an invader. He growled again. No! Dib could never be part of his superior race.

He sighed sadly at the though. It would be nice if…the Dib thing could hold him like those humans on TV, Of course that was just his weak side thinking.


Dib sighed yet again pinching the bridge of his nose. Zim was watching mushy romantic movies again. Yes, he still stalked the alien. And thought it was quite funny when he stumbled across a romantic movie and got interested in human affections. However it seemed the tiny green alien was fighting over what they were.

Dib chuckled a bit silently. If only Zim would allow him, he would show the petit boy just what they were. The human affections he was starting to get interested in. He smiled silently. Perhaps one of these days he shall. Of course for now he’d just watch.


It had been a week since Dib saw the little green alien and he looked worse for wear. “Hey Zim?” he walked up silently to the smaller one. Zim stumbled a bit and looked up at him. What was wrong with his body? It felt weak and drained. He had awoken late last night something wet running down his cheeks. What had the humans called them? Tears? He was….crying? Over a dream. A stupid dream of love. A weak worthless dream. He looked up at the taller one and felt the tears prick at his eyes. Again. He bit down on his lips hoping they would not slip out.

Unfortunately they did. Dib blinked and gasped noticing the little rivers running down Zim’s cheeks. He didn’t seem to notice. Dib gently reached out to wipe away his tears. The green one flinched and closed his eyes. Waiting for pain. Instead the gently touch came rubbing his cheeks softly. A purplish hue appearing on his cheeks as he peeked open an eye. His antennae twitched under his hair. Questioningly.

Dib smiled softly. A pink hue on his own cheeks. He pulled the smaller body close to him. Hearing a soft gasp come from the other body. Zims hands came to rest on Dib’s shoulders. He silently held onto the boys shoulders looking up questioningly it felt good to be touched. “Why?” he asked softly voice cracking from the crying. Dib nuzzled the boys neck softly licking it causing the alien to give out a gasp and his antennae to press against his head in pleasure. Dib smiled noticing the little feelers and touched them lightly. Zim’s eyes glazed over as he happily leaned into the feeling. “Because Zim…I…I’m tired of fighting you” he said softly running his hand gently up and down on his back and the other touching the cute feelers.

Zim happily purred in his chest eyes still watery from the unknown tears.  Dib smiled softly licking the tears away. Zim blinked and felt his contacts being removed. He panicked. “Shush….I want to see your real eyes” whispered Dib softly removing  the contacts and looking at beautiful red rubies. Standing out against flawless looking green skin. Which in reality felt very cool. Zim’s antennas moved up and down making Dib chuckle. He nipped at one. Zim gasped breaths coming out short. So these were sensitive….Dib grinned and continued nipping at the feelers which were now pressed against Zims head. The green one whimpered making Dib smile.

He gently kissed the alien and mumbled something into his neck. Zim blushed closing his eyes. He liked it. This feeling. This….this weakness….He didn’t need to be strong. Not when Dib was there. And he sighed content in just keeping it that way.


A fanfic for ~Yakushi and for the ZaDr club! Hopefully you'll enjoy it. I also posted it in my journal! ^^
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PandaLovesInvaderZim Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member
This is so cute! I LOVE IT!
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i just keeo reading over
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flutterlicious20 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Its really well written (ur missing a few commas I think tho) I LOVE IT. My first zadr fanfic ^°^
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*miles de aplausos se escuchan entre mis manos* bravo...simplemente...hermoso~
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This is the only fic that has stuck in my mind over the span of years. AMAZING JOB!
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you're so fab
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